Plant operations run efficiently without surprises

Machine Uptime AI for Factory Performance

The world’s first AI Expert combines cutting-edge research with decades of domain knowledge to help you stay ahead of process inefficiencies and equipment failures throughout the entire plant.

Future-proof solution

Improve workforce productivity and democratize knowledge with our explainable and self-learning AI.

Accurate alerts

UptimeAI allows engineers to focus on what matters most—understanding the reasons behind symptoms and making operational decisions, rather than sorting through alarms.

Purpose-built AI, driven by experience, proven to scale

Think AI is the same for every industry? We don’t think so. Finally, there’s AI for the Modern Equipment Operator. We improve the outcomes of process industries with the unmistakable power of AI.

Focus on fixing problems, not finding them

The UptimeAI inferencing engine has a built-in database for over 120+ equipment types with 500+ failure modes to provide precise answers.

Zero manual rules with Continuous Learning

UptimeAI’s autonomous AI engine continuously learns from new sensor data and user activities to automatically adjust the models and learn best practices with user permission.

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