Maximize performance, quality, and availability of Manufacturing Operations

Facttwin helps you to seamlessly acquire, process, and analyze data in real-time to provide business insights.

Monitor. Control. Optimize!

Take control of your shop floor with full visibility into your production data with KPI metrics and automated alerts and notifications.

OEE and TEEP Calculation

Facttwin automatically calculates Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP), and other metrics from the data collected.

Downtime Tracking

Planned and unplanned downtime tracking which can be set automatic or manually.

Real-time monitoring

Metrics are updated every few seconds as per the need.

Maintenance monitoring and insight

Automate preventive maintenance, predict and schedule time or condition-based maintenance activities, and provide mobile-friendly apps for supervisors to assign and perform maintenance tasks. Implement live streaming on TV dashboards to display maintenance activity and asset health.

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