About Us

Who We Are

In 2023, PT Gemilang Astakona Sejahtera (ASTAKONA) was founded by two dynamic individuals, our Director and our Commissioner. Their unique partnership became the driving force behind the birth of ASTAKONA.

Originally conceived to shining bright in all directions, reaching all aspects, and achieving prosperity in the IT Solutions industry, our company name, “Gemilang Astakona Sejahtera” reflects our vision in the IT Solutions industry.

Our Core Values

PASTIBISA is not just a slogan but a way of life for our team, which guide our team’s daily interactions and endeavors.
We understand the challenges of beginnings, but our unwavering spirit and commitment to PASTIBISA keep us moving forward.

Our Vision

To uplift Indonesia’s economy and empower our customers to become world-class companies through technology

To be recognized as the “Agile” Partner in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific

Our Mission

To offer comprehensive services that accelerate businesses growth through technology

To expand our business footprint in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific alongside our valued partners

Our Belief

Continuous Improvement & Diversification – We believe in constantly enhancing all aspects of our company

Right People at the Right Place – Our success relies on having the right talent in key positions

Specialization and Expertise – We excel in our line of business, backed by a wealth of experience in the industry

Our Commitments

We are committed to supporting our clients by partnering with technology and services providers. Our 24/7 support services ensure round-the-clock assistance, and our team of certified and trustworthy experts stands ready to assist.

At ASTAKONA, we believe in #growithastakona. We are dedicated to growing together with our clients and partners, achieving brilliance and prosperity in all aspects and directions.

We don’t just provide IT Solutions; we deliver the promise of a brighter future for your business.

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